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Moving images say much more than stills. On the wedding day itself, even the bride and groom don’t see everything that’s going on. Even the tiniest details can be enjoyed later on. Whilst you can capture individual moments with ordinary photographs, a video can complement these throughout the day and give you a complete story; namely a fairy tale about the most beautiful day in the bride and groom’s life.

A video and a series of short video clips ensures the bride and groom can enjoy all sorts of spontaneous, precious moments to the full after the wedding. A valuable re-experience with many highlights from the wedding can be immortalised, and capture the atmosphere of the day.

Here’s a good example – it shows how Nicolette van Dam and Bas Smit can relive their wedding day as often as they want to with this video clip. AWedding would be pleased to give you more details about the various options for immortalising your most beautiful memories.


-One Life Film-

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