Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event carefree and to the full! With Awedding like no other! With your dream day as their starting point, AWedding brings the most beautiful ideas to life. Choose your own Personal Assistant and meet Annette Wolf and her team of professionals.

Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event carefree and to the full! With Awedding like no other! With your dream day as their starting point, AWedding brings the most beautiful ideas to life. Choose your own Personal Assistant and meet Annette Wolf and her team of professionals.


Exclusive and memorable. With the guests who are closest to you. Annette arranges and organises your wedding party down to the tiniest detail, along with her team of professionals. She really rolls her sleeves up for the job! From viewing locations to making reservations. From the pre-wedding shoot to the wedding theme. From the ceremony to the party and the day after. From a pico bello intimate party to a grand, luxurious garden or gala party. She knows all the best locations. Will you choose a classic Dutch country house or celebrate your “I do” under the waving palm trees? From an artist who attends to immortalise you on your big day to a photo booth, from a mini festival to a firework display… absolutely anything is possible. Check it out and let her advise you. Nothing is impossible for Annette’s team.


Original & High-Profile >

Gleaming eyes, dancing feet and smiling faces. Moments of happiness and emotion, one after the other. Unforgettable, thanks to your original, high-profile programme. Awedding excels. With ideas that give your wedding style.

Full Personal
Assistance >

Enjoy your day to the fullest. You can be sure of this with AWedding full personal assistance. Behind the scenes, Annette and her team are in full control. What could be better than giving all your attention to your loved one, your family and your friends? 

Honest & Reliable >

Your wedding is something very personal. You have a lot on your hands. AWedding knows that. Interested in you as a couple, your visions and ideas are at the top of the agenda. To build a trusting relationship and to be a party you can rely on.


The choice for AWedding means a choice for the best in professional wedding planning. Stay in charge of your own wedding without losing valuable time for work and friends.  AWedding will prepare your event, personally and exclusively for you, with perfection guaranteed. With her warmth and sincerity Annette will coach and assist you with each and every choice to make. Yes, dreams that really do come true.


She will organize everything for your wedding, including the tiniest details. Whether you are looking for a chic, intimate affair or a lively and bustling garden or gala event, she knows the best locations. Going for a classic Dutch manor house, or are palm trees more your style? Discover the possibilities and get the advice you need. Nothing is impossible for Awedding.

Celebrate the day of love carefree. It is unique and memorable.

Annette Wolf



Intimate home sweet home >


Celebrate the love with Bohemian festival vibes…>


Sun, Sea and beach! With your bare feet in the sand >


Discover the charm of a luxurious party in equestrian style >


For over 15 years I work with great satisfaction, with Annette. Whether it's working with her as a model, or the co-manager of its own office, Annette means what she says and always fulfill their agreements. Always on time and very pleasant to work with, so I am looking forward to our further cooperation.

- Monique Collignon -

An example of how girl power should look like is Annette. From model to runway, to the business woman she became today. Strong, trustful, high quality standards with always an eye for the human aspect. She is what you see, is what you get! And I can only hope to work with her for many years to come!

- Vincent de Vries / Senior Stylist -

Annette is our wedding planner for our upcoming wedding in June. I cannot describe how happy we are with her already. From business to the sensitive side, Annette offers the whole package. It is very nice that she thinks about all kinds of aspects that we would never have imagined. Everything is arranged to the last detail. So many nice ideas and an incredibly large network make our day even more beautiful than I ever dreamed. In short, we are totally relaxed in the run-up to our big day!

- Rosanne Jager -



You’d like to arrange it all yourself, but how, what and when? Choose a three-hour advice session. With your wishes at the head of the table, you get some valuable guidance for yourself


A master of ceremonies present on the day. Your party will run smoothly with AWedding ! The best supervision. Perfect care for your guests and for you as the newlyweds!


In fact, all you have to do is say, “I do”. And enjoy the day. Entrust the rest to your personal wedding manager.


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