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According to etiquette you should never give money, only household items. However, quite a few couples  indicate they would like money as a wedding gift on the envelope of their AWedding day wish list. Of course, you don’t want to give too little or too much. What is an appropriate amount?

The most important question is actually: what can you do without? Have you already spent a lot of money on wedding preparations or the trip to get there? Then you may have less money left over for a wedding gift. However, if you have more than enough to spend on yourself, you can afford to be a bit more generous. Naturally, there are guidelines for the amounts.

Are you attending the wedding of a colleague or an acquaintance? Most likely you have only been invited to the party and the newlyweds have also not had to spend too much on you. Between twenty and thirty euros is a good amount of money.

When family or friends of yours marry, you should give a little more than to colleagues or acquaintances. Think of an amount around fifty euros.

Do you have a special bond with the person who is getting married? For example, is it your brother, sister or best friend? In that case, you could give a hundred euros or even more. That’s a fairly big amount and if you can’t afford it, you could settle for a lower amount.

Of course, it’s even nicer if you gift wrap the money and hand it to them in an original, creative way.

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