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Don’t imagine that children will just walk around all day at your wedding, but you mustn’t have family members and friends banging their heads together in frustration. Get this printed onto a nice little corner of the Save the Date card in advance; ”Adults only”, 16+ or “We do not have a bouncy castle, clown or ball pit, please leave the kids happily at their grandparents’ for everyone’s convenience”.

Or perhaps you want to have kids at the wedding, but would like to be bothered by them as little as possible? In that case, book professional onsite supervision for them, hire a nanny!

A wedding is an unforgettable day, for you as much as for the guests. The guests often have children with them. Children also want to be able to play during a wedding day. By doing something extra for them, you give the kids the chance to play and be ”well-behaved” children. Our Nannies all have the appropriate paperwork and are in possession of a children’s first-aid certificate. This allows the parents to enjoy this unforgettable day without any worries.

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