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We all know it, that moment that invitation falls on the doormat with that wedding announcement that has been looking forward to for so long. If you have succeeded, there is a dress code on the invitation. The Dutchman with ‘just do it then you’re crazy enough’ culture is quickly inclined to think; it is okay. That is not so strange with our Calvinist cultural background, and so we tend to fall back on those so-called neat jeans. A jacket on a neat shoe underneath and we find it soon well.

Do not! You do so short of the bridal couple but certainly also to yourself and your partner. A wedding is just one of those occasions where we can unpack. Although within unwritten and written rules, but where is that limit?

Here are tips for the ladies;

The lady has it easiest in this case. For the daytime you choose a well-fitting dress or airy trouser suit, please note that you do not get wrinkled and wrinkled after an hour and a half. Choose a fabric that fits well on your body and wear from a certain age a matching shawl to cover your arms but also as an extra accessory.

In terms of color, keep it appropriate, choose colors that match your hair and skin tone. After all, you do not want to claim attention as a guest in relation to the bride and groom.

For the evening you choose a little longer, possibly supplemented with the shawl that you wear loosely during the day.

Here are some tips for the gentlemen;

Put those jeans back neatly in the closet and opt for a neat 2-piece suit (no suit!). Dark blue or a gray tint accompanied by a camel-colored shoe is always good. With a good shirt with cufflinks and the right tie are all the man.

For the evening, also as a man, dress up again to an evening silhouette. You switch to a beautiful black leather or suede shoe and if you really have the jackpot and the dress code is tuxedo, you will of course wear a black patent shoe.

This way you show that you have made an effort for the bride and groom.

Together with your partner you go to that wedding that has been looking forward to for so long, well dressed, spectacular but appropriate!

-Vincent de Vries- Senior Stylist

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